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Select a range of cells in excel

Microsoft Excel Tips: Selecting A Range of Cells

Along with the rest of Microsoft Office's suite of programs, Excel is one of the most popular applications used by businesses worldwide. As the most well known and frequently used spreadsheet applicat

Tip of the Week: How to Save Your Favorite Lock Screen Image to Your Windows 10 PC

Have you ever been taken aback by a stunning photo that appears when you lock your Windows 10 PC? While it’s nice to look at, you might notice that this photo changes every now and then. Have you ev

Tip of the Week: How to Locate Hard-to-Find Apps in Windows 10

Your workstation has all of the applications that you need to make it through the workday, but sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised by finding a program that you didn’t know was on there. If y

Tip of the Week: Free App Lets You Schedule Your Phone’s Volume Level

Your cell phone rings while you’re in the middle of a meeting. Do you answer it? Regardless of if you do or not, the fact remains that it’s embarrassing and that it shouldn’t be happening in the

Tip of the Week: How to Customize Your Windows 10 Notifications

Windows 10 has been issued updates that provide users with brand new ways to receive notifications. While you can go through Android and iOS’s Cortana app, there’s a better way to manage your noti