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Know Why Your Customers are Calling You Before You Answer the Phone

What’s the protocol for when your staff gets a phone call from a client or potential customer? If you don’t have a phone-answering procedure in place, then you’re winging it and you’ll end up

Addressing 2 Primary Objections to Cloud Computing that Businesses May Have

Despite cloud computing being commonplace, there are still some businesses holding out when it comes to migrating their data to the cloud. In most scenarios like this, a company has objections to the

Cloud Computing Value is Driving Business

Profitability is the measure of success in business, and behind it is some desperation. Business owners of all types are looking to technological innovations to give their business a chance for growth

3 Paths for the Internet of Things

Whether the world is ready for it or not, the Internet of Things (IoT) is on its way. As such, there is a lot of controversy about what actually constitutes the Internet of Things. Infoworld argues th

Has Your Business Moved to the Cloud Yet?

The cloud is becoming a very important part of the modern-day business, and for good reason. It frees companies from the restricting physical nature of servers, desktops, and other hardware. In fact,