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4 Considerations You Must Make Before Migrating to the Cloud

Cloud computing has reached a point where the majority of businesses are utilizing the technology to some extent. According to a 2014 survey, about 70 percent of enterprises either have infrastructure

The Cloud Conundrum: Why SMBs Need to Worry About Their Mobile Devices

Mobile technology has changed the way that the business world operates. No longer do employees have to be tethered to their desks in order to remain productive at all times. Instead, they can work whi

The Vital Difference Between Cloud Services and Virtualization

Many businesses go about their daily duties without understanding the difference between a cloud computing solution and virtualization services. Contrary to popular belief, they are, in fact, NOT the

2 Conflicting Views of the Cloud

Cloud computing is here to stay. Yet, there are still companies hesitant to adopt the cloud. While every business that hesitates migrating to the cloud has its own reasons, one common source of confli

Addressing the Top 3 Reasons Businesses Might Fear Cloud Computing

The cloud might be a revolutionary new way to approach business, but some professionals are wary of letting their IT infrastructure fly sky high. This is understandable, since the cloud is still a dev