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Virtualized Computing: Understanding the Differences Between VDI and DaaS

When it comes to implementing virtualization technology for your business, you’ve got multiple options to choose from, with two, in particular, standing out; virtualization desktop infrastructure (V

What it Takes to Successfully Migrate to the Cloud

Now that the cloud has become an affordable and versatile part of the business environment, more organizations than ever are moving to take advantage of it as much as possible. However, for the folks

Cloud Computing Isn’t 100% Perfect, Be Sure to Account For These 3 Risks

Organizations are taking to the skies with cloud computing solutions in the workplace, and it’s proving to be a valuable investment. However, such unprecedented growth doesn’t come without its fai

Public Cloud? Private Cloud? Why Not Both!

In a world where technology is continuously being improved upon to suit the needs of the modern business, your organization’s needs can quickly (and drastically) change. The need for cloud services

Boost in Managed Services Suggests Utility Computing Growth

The advantage of managed IT service is that it allows businesses to secure the IT support they need, without having to take on the responsibility and expense of managing these services. When coupled w