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3 Technologies That Make it Totally Possible to Trash Your Printer

Businesses are trying to cut costs wherever possible, but the cost of printing isn’t always the most obvious first choice. Businesses consume exorbitant amounts of paper and ink every year, and thes

4 Growth Scenarios Your Network Needs to Be Prepared For

Naturally, businesses put a lot of time, energy, and resources into growing their sales figures and bottom line. All of that is great, but if business owners don’t also plan for how success is going

Thanks to Google, Windows XP is About to Get Even More Risky to Use

It’s been over a year and a half since Microsoft gave up support on its extremely popular operating system, Windows XP. Without the necessary patches and security updates, Windows XP becomes a hazar

As It Turns Out, Millennials Might Be Useful for Professionals After All

Many business executives are skeptical about employing millennials, particularly because of misconceptions that they’re unwilling to work hard and have no manners. However, just like many individual

How Your Business Would Benefit From Help Desk Support

What if you can have one employee who’s dedicated to receiving calls and answering tech support questions from the rest of your staff? Essentially, someone having this role would be like a help desk