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Employers Aren’t the Only Ones Concerned About BYOD

Some businesses embrace Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in the workplace, while others aren’t so sure. If you think that employers are the only ones worried about BYOD policies, you might be s

Objection: Data Backup is Not the Same As Disaster Recovery

A thorough data backup is important for your business continuity plan, and so is a fast and efficient disaster recovery solution. What's that? Aren't those the same thing? Unfortunately, the two conce

How One Business Owner is Fighting Yelp in the Most Unconventional Way Possible

One California restaurant owner has recently taken on an interesting marketing strategy that goes against all conventional wisdom. Co-owner David Cerretini of the Italian restaurant Botto Bistro tells

What a Software Licensing Nightmare Scenario Looks Like

What's the licensing status of your company's software look like? If you've not been intentional about this, then your business may be using several unlicensed applications. You may be thinking, "E

Businesses Demand These 3 Results from their Outsourced IT Provider

A lot of today's companies are taking advantage of the money they can save by switching to an outsourced IT provider, but they all have their reasons. The reasons why they outsource their IT may vary