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27 Million Spam Messages Earns Man the Title of “Spam King,” and 2.5 Years in Prison

The man who, between 2008 and 2009, stole the log-in credentials of Facebook users to spread his credential-stealing web links, has been sentenced to some hard time. Sanford Wallace, a habitual spamm

Tip of the Week: 4 Life-Saving Alternatives to Driving While Distracted

For the busy business owner, demands on schedules make it mandatory to use their smartphone while on the go. While it’s important to be productive, safety is even more important. Therefore, you shou

Tip of the Week: You Can Now Use Google Docs to Type With Your Voice

Google is no stranger to voice-related technology. Android smartphones have long had voice-to-text capabilities. Google Now allows users to search the Internet, set alarms, add calendar entries, activ

Tip of the Week: Tweak Your Workday in These 4 Ways and See Major Results

Some days, productivity comes naturally and you can destroy tasks like it’s no one’s business. Other times, distractions seem to pop up everywhere and you need all the help you can get, just to ge

Tip of the Week: Google Wallet Users Need to Make Sure They Lock Their Card

Google is much more than just a collection of desktop apps, a search engine, and a web browser. Google is a large company that’s continuously innovating with new and exciting technologies. One of th