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Tip of the Week: 3 Tips to Keep Your Email Inbox Under Control

Email may be crucial to the functionality of your business, but at times it can seem like your inbox is far beyond your control. You might find yourself throwing away hours on end just to clean up the

Tip of the Week: 4 Easy Ways to Merge 2 Smartphones

Have you ever tried lugging around two smartphones? It’s not as fun as it sounds, especially since having two devices means double the chance of losing one. Often times, this two-phone dilemma resul

Use Your Smartphone Incorrectly and Risk Going Temporarily Blind

It’s no secret that the screens of devices like smartphones, laptops, desktop monitors, and tablets, can contribute to eye pain and what’s called “digital eye strain.” In fact, in some extraor

Tip of the Week: 8 Easy Security Practices to Protect Your Online Browsing

The Internet is a great tool to use for business, but it’s also full of threats that could undermine your security if you’re careless. The main issue with cyber security is that it’s extraordina

Tip of the Week: Why it’s Smart to Have an Extra PC on Hand

All businesses must be prepared to deal with any unforeseen circumstances that could disrupt operations and derail their goals. One often unforeseen method for doing this is keeping an extra workstati