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Thinking About Replacing Your Business Server?

A business server is essential to the infrastructure of your IT system. It’s a powerful computer that provides a secure and centralized method of data storage. It’s always on and connected to the Internet, and it can be used to host many different applications and services.

What You Need To Know Before You Do

A business server is essential to the infrastructure of your IT system. It’s a powerful computer that provides a secure and centralized method of data storage. It’s always on and connected to the Internet, and it can be used to host many different applications and services.

Most large businesses use multiple servers dedicated to one task, such as email. Smaller businesses typically use just one server that provides a combination of functions.

The older your server, the more chance that it can fail. Four years is usually the time when this can be a concern. You want to replace your server before it fails, so you don’t lose any of your digital files.

How Do You Know To Replace Your Server Before It Fails?

Ask your IT service company to set up a Server Lifecycle Management Plan. This involves creating an inventory of your servers, when they were put into use and what solutions and services are housed on them. Once you do this you can:

  • Start budgeting for a new server at the time it needs to be replaced.
  • Set aside a time to evaluate the server before its replacement.
  • Determine what condition it’s in.
  • Analyze your current needs to determine if you need additional servers.

What Are The Advantages Of Server Lifecycle Management?

By recognizing the useful life of a server, you can lower maintenance costs, increase flexibility when upgrading, and maximize the value of your servers. Plus you won’t face emergencies when servers fail unexpectedly.

How Do You Choose The Right Server For Your Business?

It’s not always easy to know how to choose a server for your business. There are so many on the market, and it can be confusing deciding what type your business requires.

The different types of servers that businesses use today include:

  • Dedicated Servers

This is a physical server that’s similar to a computer workstation but uses hardware that’s more powerful than desktops. A dedicated server can have a multitude of processors and hundreds of gigabytes of memory. These are very powerful and can support high-traffic websites and massive databases like the kind that eCommerce stores use.

Of course, you can choose a less powerful server to support your business applications, website, database hosting and other functions. And, many companies lease rather than purchase dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers are a good option when performance is the most important reason for using a server. They are also a good choice for businesses that want to ensure they are the only company accessing the server hardware (for example healthcare practices, financial service organizations or law firms that must comply with government or industry regulatory standards).

  • Cloud Servers

These are virtual machines that run on a larger enterprise-grade server provided by a Cloud Service Provider or your IT service company. Each of these large enterprise-grade servers can support many cloud servers.

The advantage of using a cloud server is that it can be deployed immediately and managed via a web-based dashboard. It’s a scalable and flexible approach to server management because you can add as many as you need quickly, or reduce the space used if your business scales back.

You essentially lease the space on the cloud server, so there’s no hardware to worry about.

  • Hybrid Servers

Hybrid servers are a combination of a physical dedicated server and a virtual server. These are very powerful virtual servers that provide the same resources as a smaller dedicated server. They operate on the same principle as a cloud server except in the way you pay for the services.

A hybrid server sits between a cloud server and dedicated server. It’s like having the power of a dedicated server with the flexibility of a cloud server. You’ll benefit from its virtualization technology and the performance you’d get from a dedicated server. Just like a dedicated and cloud server, a hybrid server offers a complete environment that can support any server application.

Can You Use More Than One Type Of Server?

You don’t have to choose between the three. You can select a mix of them for your unique requirements. Some businesses use a dedicated server to house their applications and cloud servers to take advantage of their flexibility, fast deployment and scalability.

Do You Need Help Replacing Your Business Server?

As you can see, selecting a server for your business today is more complicated than it was in years past. Our server specialists can help you make the decision that’s best for your organization. And we can assist with lifecycle management of your dedicated servers and other hardware.

Contact Tektonic Managed Services in Vaughn, Ontario for a complimentary consult for your business in the GTA, and help with your server and IT needs.

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