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5 Reasons Data and IT Support Are Vital to Your Business in the Greater Toronto Area

Tektonic explores five key reasons data and IT support via managed services are so important for boosting growth and success for small and medium-sized businesses.  

5 Reasons Data and IT Support Are Vital to Your Business

Tektonic explores five key reasons data and IT support via managed services are so important for boosting growth and success for small and medium-sized businesses.  

Information technology and data combined serve as the cornerstone of modern business. Small and medium-sized business leaders understand how invaluable technology is to their business. Still, their IT teams may feel strapped for time to accomplish daily tasks involved with keeping equipment and networking up and running.

More and more organizations are moving data and applications to the cloud. It is a natural progression once organizational leaders start to feel the pull of growth against the ability of their IT team to keep up, it is time to explore new solutions to ease growing pains.

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5 Reasons Data and IT Support Are Vital to Business Growth

In 2017, the global managed services market was valued at $156 billion in USD, and, according to Market Watch, the industry will likely reach $296 billion by 2023. Therefore, if business leaders considering this investment, they are far from alone. Business leaders may need more information about this type of outsourcing while adopting new technologies to help their businesses grow and thrive, making the most of their valuable data.

Explore five reasons data and IT support via managed services can help businesses grow.

1. Data Warehousing

Data has value beyond its mere existence as a means to maintain contact with clients. Managed IT service businesses perform data warehousing, which is the process of combining data that may not seem related on the surface. Once placed into extensive business analytics and business intelligence platforms, it is easier to see and understand data’s value to use it to an organization’s advantage.

2. Data Protection

As businesses increasingly move their data to the cloud, it becomes increasingly clear that information is safer in the cloud. Canadian companies continuously search for ways to avoid costly data breaches, and managed IT services in the cloud can help. Cloud services are more secure since a core element of cloud computing focuses on updating security measures at all times. Further, cloud security measures are often more dynamic, proactive, and sophisticated than in-house security.

3. Cost-Effective

Business leaders may have limited budgets as their business starts its path to greater success. Internal IT department team members can quickly call up apps and updates without needing to invest in additional hardware. This all reduces the time and effort tech employees put into determining the right version for the update and the installation, configuration, and management of the software. Further, as more Canadian companies invest in cloud services, the competition will drive down costs in the market.

4. Proactive Issue Prevention and Network Maintenance

Managed services companies give enterprises the chance to focus on their primary business objectives without sacrificing a high-performance network. A managed service company already has a high-caliber infrastructure in place to support faster implementations and upgrades.

5. Improved Network Availability

Network availability for voice and data access are essential for a growing company. Managed network services providers focus on maintaining optimal levels of uptime, which may enter the 99% range. A consistent and readily available communications network is invaluable to organizations that often need global communications access at a moment’s notice.

Do You Need Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services serve to ensure your technology works appropriately and reliably without added strain on your internal IT department. We offer the above-listed benefits and more, helping to prevent problems and troubleshoot issues so your team can focus on the critical elements of success for your organization. Work with a team that quietly works in the background, helping you fully meet the needs of your business.

When you are ready to experience the freedom associated with proactive outsourced IT support for Datto and other essential IT services and software, contact the experts at Tektonic Managed Services at 416-256-9928. We serve businesses of all sizes in the Greater Toronto Area and can come alongside your business as needed.

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