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Have A Friend That Fixes Your Business Computers?

Why Using An IT Company Who Specializes In Vaughan Organizations Is the Perfect Alternative To Having A Buddy Taking Care Of Your Computers.

Why Using An IT Company Who Specializes In Vaughan Organizations Is the Perfect Alternative To Having A Buddy Taking Care Of Your Computers.

If you haven’t realized this by now, you will soon.  When your techie friend gets busy and has other, higher-paying customers, you’ll be dropped to the bottom of his list as fast as a manual penalty drops a Google SEO ranking. (And this is fast!)

This isn’t a good way to take care of your technology or your business.

When you’re last on the list, that means your customers will be too. When a technology issue slows your work down to a crawl, you can’t meet deadlines or uphold promises you’ve made.

Technology is too important and complicated to leave it to a friend.

Business IT Infrastructures are reliant on multiple solutions and applications that make it more vulnerable to a breakdown or bottlenecks.

And then there’s the issue of data security. All you need to do is read the latest reports in Forbes to learn about the state of cybercrime and how it’s increasing:

“The availability of affordable mass-computing power has made it significantly easier to crack cipher-based protections, negating the peace of mind encryption provides.”

If you rely on a friend, relative, or even a pay-as-you-go tech guy, you’re not only risking the security of your data, but your livelihood.

But how can you afford an IT company specializing in Vaughan, ON organizations?

You may be settling for your friend or friendly IT guy to work on your technology because you don’t think you can afford dedicated support from a reputable technology solutions provider.

If so, you’re wrong.

You can afford a Managed IT Services Provider.

If you rely on a friend or break/fix guy, you’re gambling with your business. Without 24/7 support, remote monitoring management, and technicians with a broad range of technology experience and knowledge, one day you’ll be at the bottom of the list with failed, or even worse, compromised technology.

When your “friend” finally gets there, you may have lost customers or their confidential data. And I can’t imagine he’ll fix all this for free. Any “emergency” IT tech will charge you $100 an hour or more plus the software and technology you’ll have to replace or update.

A Managed IT Service Provider charges a predictable monthly fee for all your service and support, even emergency services.

With this scenario in mind, how can you afford not to use a local technology company in Vaughan?

Using a Vaughan, Ontario-based IT services company is the perfect recipe for any size organization. You pay your monthly fee, and whenever you need a qualified tech, they show up. Plus, with Remote Monitoring and Management, they keep an eye on your technology to prevent bottlenecks, downtime, and malware and virus infections from ruining your business.

With proactive service, patched, and updated software they’ll improve your IT system efficiencies. This, in turn, increases your employees’ productivity.

What does proactive IT service mean?

Your Vaughan IT services company will continually evaluate the health and security of your network and computers. Their aim is to detect issues before they turn into real problems for you.

They accomplish this through continual evaluation and maintenance (remote and onsite). You’ll have the latest upgrades and the most recent security solutions.

Is your friend helping you take advantage of cloud computing?

Managed Service Providers offer a selection of secure cloud computing solutions that will best suit your business.  New, beneficial tools come on the market all the time. Your friend likely doesn’t have the time to keep up with these, much less provide the customized cloud solutions that best align with your needs.

Cloud solutions also provide scalable service so you can expand or cut back whenever you require. Plus, they’re affordable because you pay-per-user and not upfront. This allows you to save your capital for other business expenditures.

There are so many benefits to using cloud computing.  A friend who is helping with repairs may not have time to properly set up your new computers. You could be missing out on technology that can raise your business to the next level.

Here are 10 more reasons why you should consider an MSP over your friend:

  1. You’ll save money with a fixed and predictable monthly fee.
  2. You’ll have access to a team of highly trained and experienced technicians.
  3. They provide a proactive rather than reactive approach to IT management.
  4. Every part of your IT network is monitored 24 hours a day so you won’t have to worry about downtime.
  5. They’ll assess and resolve any technology-related issues.
  6. Your network security will be monitored 24/7 and assessed for vulnerabilities.
  7. Your employees will be trained to avoid being victimized by hackers and phishing emails.
  8. A reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan will be implemented so you’ll always have access to your data.
  9. They’ll train your staff on new technologies.
  10. You and your employees will be freed up from IT worry so you can focus on your business.

I’m sure if you ask your friend about all of this, he’ll agree. A qualified IT support professional located in Vaughan is best for your business. 

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