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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON July 30,2018

Has Your Current Business Application Expired?  Is It Time For A New One?

When a client in Woodbridge, Ontario called us saying an old application they were using was no longer being supported, we jumped in to help. We know that this can happen, and when it does, it’s extremely stressful. It can also be expensive. But, as your Toronto IT consulting company, Tektonic will jump through hoops so you have the IT solutions you need to run your business effectively.

A Generator Manufacturing Company in the GTA provides emergency power systems in the GTA and surrounding areas (Toronto, Ontario). They primarily service backup power systems of high-rise residential, commercial, and industrial style buildings.

They work in tandem with property management companies, condominium corporations, building owners, building maintenance staff, and facility managers. These groups are responsible for ensuring public safety within their buildings in response to all types of power-associated occurrences and potential life-safety situations. They also have responsibility for the safe and effective operation of their facilities.

As you can imagine, this is a very important service for customers in the Greater Toronto Area. When this company called us and said they could no longer get the support they needed from one of their business applications, we knew they were in trouble.

The generator manufacturing had been using an application called QXpress. It’s a hosted software solution for scheduling, job costing, and batch invoicing.  It’s designed for QuickBooks users in the field services industry.

Using QXpress allowed this company to schedule one-time and recurring services. They could print route lists and work orders, record start and stop times, enter materials used, and then post the work back to QuickBooks as an invoice. This was a powerful tool they relied on to manage their operations while continuing to use QuickBooks for all of their accounting activities.

When the generator company called saying that they could no longer get the support for QXpress that they needed, we responded right away. They were aware that we offer support for both hardware and software, and they were right – we got them up and running again.

What Happens When Business Applications Expire?

It could be something as simple as your software needs updating, or your license has expired. But when you can’t get support for a business application you depend on every day, it can seem like an insurmountable problem.

That’s why you need a reliable and quick-acting IT consulting company.

Today’s technology is evolving and improving so rapidly that many companies in the GTA just can’t keep up. They continue using outdated software and technologies.

What Happens When You Use Outdated Software Or Hardware?

  • Your employees can’t keep pace with your customers’ requirements.
  • The confidential information you transmit and store can be breached.
  • You can experience downtime that can set you back for weeks.
  • You can’t get the support you need from the software manufacturer.

With the right software (and hardware), your staff will work more efficiently. You can streamline operations to keep your customers happy and ensure their confidential information (and yours) remains secure.

The team at Tektonic has many years of experience working with the power industry in the GTA. We ensure our clients use the right technology, cloud services, and virtualization solutions so they can keep the power on and meet their customers’ needs.

Are You Using Cost-Effective Business Applications?

Your IT solutions should be customized to meet your unique requirements. When you choose Tektonic as your Technology Solutions Provider, we’ll interview your leadership to learn about your operations and goals. Then we’ll assess your current IT infrastructure to determine if it’s aligned with your goals. If not, we’ll make suggestions to improve it. We can procure affordable software and hardware that will provide the best outcomes.

What If You Don’t Want To Renew Your Software Application License? (Tips)

  • It’s always best to plan ahead. Make sure you have an existing business software application you can fall back on.  You should have an alternative solution lined up, or you’ll be stuck.
  • Also, make sure you have a plan to remove the software from your IT system. If you don’t and you decide to use an alternative application, it may cause a conflict and processing issues.
  • Be sure to communicate with all your employees to help them with the transition to the new software. This isn’t always easy if they’ve been using a solution for years.  It will likely require training on the new software.
  • Make sure this is what you want. If you negotiated a special price with the software vendor, you don’t renew, and then decide to go back to it again, they’ll want to charge you a higher price.
  • There’s really no excuse for getting caught short. Organizations know the expiration data from the beginning of an agreement.
  • If you’re having trouble keeping track of your licenses, contact Tektonic.

Tektonic can help with all of these issues and more.  And if an application you’re using is no longer being supported, we can help. As your IT Partner, we’ll jump through hoops if we have to so you’ll have the IT solutions you need to effectively run your business.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you get into a bind with your business applications.

In the meantime, as mentioned above, today’s technology is evolving and improving so rapidly that many companies in the GTA just can’t keep up.  Make sure that you can. Stay connected to our BLOG for the updates you need. Here’s an example of a few you can start reading now:

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