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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON December 5,2018

Our Proactive Managed IT Services Were Right For The Bortolussi Law Firm – Will They Be Right For Yours?

Bortolussi Family Law has been serving the community in Vaughan Ontario for over 34 years. They provide quality legal services to families and individuals for everything from arbitration and family law, to litigation, mediation, negotiation and marriage contracts. They are a busy law practice with 8 lawyers who have a combined 125 years of experience in family law.


The firm was referred to us over 12 years ago. At the time, their IT needs weren’t being met. Their previous IT service company was unreliable and made changes to their technology infrastructure without the required authorization.


The team at Tektonic met with the leadership at Bortolussi Family Law on three different occasions. We did this to gain a thorough understanding of their operations and IT requirements so we could develop a customized plan that would enhance their IT reliability, efficiency and security.

Lorraine Bortolussi is a lawyer in the practice and explains:

“We had a different IT service provider before Tektonic who was unreliable. They were also doing things that we didn’t authorize.

Tektonic was referred to us by another law practice. They met with us and established the trust we needed. They took the time to answer all of our questions, and very clearly explained their processes. They were open to all of our questions and provided detailed answers.

Tektonic helped set us up an entirely new network with new PCs, servers and more. The transition was as painless as it could be.

The team at Tektonic was considerate, patient and professional. They were a ‘breath of fresh air.’ I would recommend them in ‘a blink of an eye!'”


We handle all of the practice’s technology support through our proactive Managed Services. They currently have 20 PCs, with offsite cloud-based storage and remote access. They’ve been happy with our services now for over 11 years.

What Are Proactive Managed IT Services & How Can They Help Your Law Practice?

Managed IT Services are beneficial for any law firm. With technology changing so rapidly, you don’t have time to keep up with changes. But you need technology for document and practice management, and to ensure your clients’ confidential information remains secure.

Regardless of the size of your practice, Managed IT Services will keep your technology functioning at peak performance. Your staff won’t have to worry about IT issues, and everything is taken care of for an affordable monthly fee that’s easy to budget for.

Just as we did for Bortolussi Family Law, we’ll meet with your leadership to understand your unique business requirements. Then we’ll custom design an IT Plan with the technology solutions that ensure you have what you need to meet your clients’ needs and increase your staff’s productivity.

Many of the tedious daily tasks your staff performs can be automated. This will streamline your operations so more can be done in less time. Managed IT Services are set up to improve your business processes and operations while ensuring IT stability and data security.

How Do Managed IT Services Improve Data Security For Law Firms?

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) works 24/7 to automatically detect the performance of your technology and the security of your confidential data. It works behind the scenes so it won’t disrupt your operations. Your dedicated IT technician will be alerted if there are any issues and they will be remediated to prevent lost data or downtime. All patches and updates are applied remotely to close any security gaps in your network.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Protection from viruses and hackers, with 24/7 remote monitoring that detects and blocks intrusions.
  • Managed and up-to-date firewalls, anti-spam and anti-virus solutions.
  • Data Backup and Disaster-Recovery Services, so your confidential files are always secure and retrievable only by your authorized users.
  • Email security and encryption, so messages and attachments are safeguarded, both when in transit and in storage.
  • Secure Wireless that monitors and secures access points to prevent unauthorized intrusions.
  • Mobile Device Management so client records are protected on employees’ mobile computing devices.
  • IT Compliance Audits to ensure you meet legal regulations for data privacy.

Are You Benefiting From Cloud Computing Like Bortolussi Family Law?

It not only increases your firm’s productivity but data security. You can securely access your files from any location you have an internet connection. And it’s a secure way to store and retrieve your clients’ confidential information.

We can explain more about the Cloud and Proactive Managed Services. Contact the IT professionals at Tektonic. We’ll be happy to provide a complimentary assessment for your IT needs.

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