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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON January 16,2013

A well-used PC may not run as fast as it used to. There are dozens of procedures you can try that will speed up a slow computer. Some procedures, like tinkering with the hardware or reinstalling your OS, can be intrusive and a lot of work. Before trying something drastic, you may first want to try these three simple actions to boost PC performance.Trim the Fat Off Pudgy Programs
Many computer programs grow in size the more they are used. This rule especially applies to your web browser; the more miles you put on your browser, the more plugins and add-ons that attach themselves to the program. All of these extra features take up large chunks of processing power and may be a big reason why your internet browsing, or even your entire computer, may be moving at a snail’s pace. Take a moment to review all of your browser’s plugins and add-ons — and feel free to delete the ones that you have not used in a long time.

Given the sneaky nature of the internet, you may discover browser add-ons that you do not even remember installing. Be wary of these add-ons, they may be full of tracking cookies that will bog down your PC. Do not worry about messing up your PC by deleting browser plugins and add-ons, websites will normally provide you with a link to reinstall the needed plugin or add-on if you need it to perform a task.

Close the Octopus Applications
When an octopus latches onto its prey, it will wrap its slimy tentacles around its victim and squeeze until the victim succumbs. There are some computer applications that can act like an octopus attacking the insides of your PC. These programs will not cause damage to your computer, but they will reach deep inside your PC and keep open enough files and other applications to drain your PC’s processing power. Sometimes the fix may be as simple as closing the octopus application whenever you are not using it, this will instantly free up resources on your RAM.

One example of an Octopus application is iTunes. Every time you open iTunes, you are also opening up several other background applications so that iTunes can instantly play anything that you click on. iTunes will also take up extra processing power by keeping a line open to the internet in an attempt to direct you to the Apple store, just in case you are feeling spend-happy. If you are not partial to iTunes, or any other large octopus applications, and you are looking to speed up your PC, then you can always find an alternative program that offers the same features and takes up less space.

Routine PC Maintenance
You have a chore list for your home in order to keep it looking good, you can also make a chore list of PC maintenance practices that will keep your computer performing at top speeds. Your PC chore list will include tasks like; regularly clearing out your temporary files, deleting unneeded applications, clearing out your cache, and keeping your software and OS up-to-date. You will especially want to keep your antivirus program current. If a virus infects your PC, then a slow computer will be the least or your worries.

By staying on top of these maintenance routines, your PC speed will be at a maximum. One service Tektonic offers is to take care of these maintenance routines for you remotely. With remote maintenance, we can detect and fix issues that will slow down your PC, including protecting your PC from viruses. By calling Tektonic at (416) 256-9928, you can schedule with us a free network analysis in order to determine what exactly is slowing down your PC. We will then present you with a wide variety of solutions that will fit your budget. Call Tektonic, we can boost the performance on all of your company’s computers to make your technology work for you!

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