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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON August 26,2013

Although I was never a BB user, it was always my recommended smartphone to our clients, mainly because of BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). It simply added much more reliability and ease of use for end user as well as IT administrators.

I have to admit I reversed my recommendation few months ago due to uncertainty around the company’s future; until recently when one of our clients decided to upgrade nearly 40 older BB’s to BB10. Doesn’t seem much hard, one would expect. After all we have done similar projects many times over the years. This however was anything but the routine. The new BES 10.1.2 had to run side by side the older BES while devices are switched. It was one problem after another, from a convoluted license registration process to the installation itself. There are references to items and steps which don’t exist to … As you can see I was not impressed.

I’m sure a fresh installation would’ve gone smoothly but that is not always the case and frankly with many years of experience in installing a wide verify of servers and software applications I find it hard to accept an installation this problematic.

Too bad. As a proud Canadian it saddens me to see a Canadian high tech gem loosing so much in such a short time. But, at the end I have a responsibility and an obligation to my clients to have their best interest in mind and I can assure you I would not be recommending BlackBerry!

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