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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON May 27,2014

You will hardly find any office which doesn’t have a printer. Though we are moving towards a paperless world, when it comes to the office documentation, hardcopies are still holding more importance than softcopies. Having a printer in the office is inevitable so the responsibility of taking care of it.

You might not realize that the cost of printer and paper can count for a considerable chunk of your business expenses.  If not controlled, this cost can have a huge impact on your bottom-line. Printer maintenance and document security are another money-consuming matters. You can keep this cost under control and reduce your printing expenses with managed print services.

Here is a list of benefits you can gain by opting for printer solutions:

  • Stop wasting money on your printers
  • Substantial reduction in yearly printing expenses
  • Managed printer maintenance and support
  • Warranty management
  • Clear and precise printing policies
  • Conserve the environment by reducing paper waste
  • Reduction in your carbon footprint
  • Printer policy management
  • Clearly define who can print and create print quotas
  • Stringent ink and paper monitoring and management
  • Tracking of documents being sent to the printer so you can keep a check if your crucial business data is being printed
  • Complete technical support

Unique features of these solutions:

It is possible to reduce your printing costs and gain control over company printer maintenance, ink/paper usage and document security with print management solution. You can search for a company which offers printer management in Toronto. Generally, this service is not offered solely but along with other IT support services.  All managed IT services offered by the reputed company not only provides timely IT support, but also helps to boost your efficiency, productivity and profit.

When it comes to printer management, this service reduces your printing cost, improve your document security, increase your efficiency, and decrease your carbon footprint. Many business owners are unaware about the total printing cost of their companies. Many even do not have the slightest idea that they can control their print spending and increase their profit figures.  This is perhaps because the cost of printing seems very negligible. However, if we take a broad picture in the mind and count every single penny spent for printing papers, any businessman will realize that this expense needs to be controlled.

Especially, for the small and medium scale businesses, which already have limited budget, controlling the cost of printing is really essential. Opting for document management solutions proves a wise decision for such businesses. Furthermore, if the printing department is being handled by the professional IT service provider, a businessman can focus more on the core business activities.

IT Support Company optimizes your print infrastructure so you can easily identify savings opportunities. By managing your print system, the IT support company enforces rules for duplex printing or color output. This consistent and automatic monitoring save costs by establishing permission-based access to printer and system features.

Print management employs user authentication to make sure the safety of every printer. Through user authentication, the company creates an audit trail. This keeps you aware about who prints what document. You will also get the accurate information about when the document is printed and on which device. You can ensure that no unnecessary document is being printed, and even no one is taking your confidential documents’ print without your permission. Strengthening the security of your company is an added advantage of applying printer management solution.

Going green is one more benefit of applying print management solutions. Your carbon footprint will be reduced considerably with these solutions. With these services, you can avoid paper waste by enforcing different regulations that make sure that your employees will only print the necessary documents and overprinting will be eliminated completely.

Print management solutions are generally a part of comprehensive managed IT services. These services also include network care, mobile office, server care, vendor management, spam protection, desktop & user care, and so on.

Excessive paper usage is a matter of concern for many companies. Printer management will enforce duplex printing, which will considerably lessen your paper usage. You can strongly support your company’s sustainability efforts with these solutions.

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