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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON May 28,2014

shutterstock_84283312.jpgThe IT department is the backbone of every company. As the use of technology is increasing rapidly in every organization, the responsibilities of the IT department have also been increased considerably. However, when it comes to small and medium scale organizations, due to the limited budget, these organizations cannot afford to have an up-to-date IT infrastructure and highly qualified IT professionals. Outsourcing IT department proves a wise choice for such companies.

Outsourcing IT let such organizations take advantage of the high-end technology and experienced manpower at a fraction of the cost. IT outsourcing not only helps companies to stay competent, but also increases the profit and creates goodwill in the market. Remote desktop services are one of the major services offered by the IT support provider.

If your business deals with the end users, their time should be spent working with you and not dealing with the IT issues. You can offer your end users smart and reliable IT support with proactive remote desktop management and maintenance services.

You can get comprehensive and preventive desktop management services. Desktop management program typically comprises desktop/laptop agent with all of the intelligence built-in. Day to day preventive maintenance services are conducted, and the program also consist a bundled anti-virus package, and remote access.

You can empower your staff by giving them direct access to your IT support provider’s unlimited phone and remote desktop support. You can choose a company that offers flat-rate desktop management platform. With desktop & user care, you will also be able to generate detailed inventory reports and configurations related to all the precautionary maintenance activities administered by your IT support provider. Generally, the IT support provider also tracks serial numbers, detailed service responses, license expirations, vendor information, warranties, and much more.

Opting for tech support helpdesk in Toronto gives you numerous benefits such as:

  • Phone and remote support for your staff
  • On-Site support when needed
  • Workstation maintenance and security updates
  • Flat-Rate IT that is easy to budget

When you have remote desktop solutions, you can rest assured that every IT issue of your company will be solved immediately, no matter whether the issue is major or minor. With remote desktop management, your end users can create service tickets without worrying about costing your company extra expenses.

Some IT support companies also gives your end-users a choice to call the helpdesk regarding the questions about a standard desktop applications. When you are looking for the IT support provider for your organization, make sure that the helpdesk is staffed with employees having 2 to 6 years of desktop and server support experience. An experienced and qualified IT professional will be able to understand your IT problem accurately and offer you timely solution.

Though technology has made it possible to solve the IT issues with remote access, there are still some problems that are not possible to tackle remotely. When such situation arises, you can also have unlimited on-site support. An IT professional will visit your office to solve the issue. IT problems that cannot be solved remotely are generally hardware related problems, issues of lack of connectivity to the internet or network and anything that requires a physical set of hands on-site. An efficient IT support provider will make sure that on-site IT support is provided only when it is necessary to keep your company’s expenses under control.

When you have desktop and user care services, it solves IT issues faster and give your end users liberty to directly contact IT support provider and receive assistance. Furthermore, proficient Help Desk care providers can answer questions for common productivity suites, as well. As troubleshooting and maintenance are done remotely, it saves huge IT expenses. Managed antivirus and malware protection is one more benefit that you can avail from desktop and user care. The IT support provider carries outs windows updates and security fixes regularly, and these updates are tested and whitelisted before being deployed.

Desktop and user care will give your employees timely assistance to get their problems resolved faster and answer their questions immediately, so their work-flow is not disturbed or interrupted because of the IT problems.

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