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Tektonic Featured On CRN’s 2021 MSP 500 List

Tektonic Featured On CRN’s 2021 MSP 500 List

Tektonic Featured On CRN’s 2021 MSP 500 List

Tektonic has been recognized as one of CRN’s Pioneer 250 Managed Services Providers — further proof that our commitment to high service quality and customer service makes us a leader in the national MSP community.

Tektonic, a leading Toronto IT services company, has once again been named to CRN’s prestigious 2021 MSP 500 list in the Pioneer 250 category! The exclusive annual list includes leading North American Managed Services Providers in the IT field.

The list is divided into three categories: the MSP Pioneer 250, recognizing companies with business models weighted toward managed services and largely focused on the SMB market; the MSP Elite 150, recognizing large, data center-focused MSPs with a strong mix of on-premises and off-premises services; and the Managed Security 100, recognizing MSPs focused primarily on off-premise, cloud-based security services.

CRN’s Pioneer 250 list recognizes North American technology resellers (founded by 2000 or later) that have a specialization in emerging technologies or a transformative business model that allows them to adapt and excel in the ever-changing IT channel community.

The list is determined by CRN’s research, vendor and analyst interviews, as well as from CRN editorial coverage. The purpose of the list is to showcase those “solution providers that are setting the pace for the rest of the channel in meeting customers’ ever-evolving IT needs.”

How Does Tektonic Meet And Exceed Clients’ Needs?

Tektonic is focused on helping clients achieve ongoing success in their field with the support of proven technology solutions. By delivering optimized technology and implementing best practices, Tektonic provides a number of advantages that empower clients to:

  • Increase overall efficiencies on a day-to-day basis
  • Minimize operational costs with the right IT solutions
  • Educate, motivate, and empower end-users to embrace technology as a tool
  • Take advantage of the next generation of technology in order to function more efficiently and securely
  • Increase overall business productivity, stability, and ability to grow

Tektonic Delivers Exceptional IT Support

In today’s fast-paced business environments, MSPs play an important role in helping companies leverage new technologies without straining their budgets or losing focus on their core business. CRN’s MSP 500 list shines a light on the most forward-thinking and innovative of these key organizations — the Tektonic team is proud to once again be included on such a prestigious list.

Tektonic Continues Support as Vaughan Chamber 2021 Community Champion 

Tektonic Continues Support as Vaughan Chamber 2021 Community Champion 

Tektonic Continues Support as Vaughan Chamber 2021 Community Champion

Tektonic loves calling the greater Toronto area it’s home, and we want to celebrate and support our community. This year, we feel proud to call ourselves a member of Vaughan’s Chamber of Commerce (VCC) and one of Vaughan Chamber’s 2021 Community Champions. Along with the other businesses who serve as dedicated members of Vaughan’s Chamber, Tektonic strongly believes in fueling our communities and buying local. We joined the VCC because we value and support the Vaughan Chamber’s initiatives, from their advocacy, organized events and resources they afford the business community.

Vaughan Chamber’s Achievements

The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce has provided invaluable support to local businesses since 1977 through its promotion and advocacy efforts. As a member-driven and not-for-profit organization, the Chamber helps to bolster the local economy by focusing its energy on the business community. Its members benefit from the resources, opportunities and relationships the VCC offers, and its Community Champions, including Tektonic Inc, serve as the backbone of the local business community, united by their love of their city. The Hon. Maurizio Bevilacqua, Vaughan’s mayor, commends how the Chamber advocates for the issues and concerns at the heart of the business community and encourages local businesses to take part in this “vibrant and dynamic force.”

Tektonic’s Relationship With Toronto’s Community

Tektonic has made its name in the Greater Toronto area, becoming the leading choice in IT services for businesses of various sizes. As a local IT company, Tektonic’s exceptional team of experts and technicians enjoys the challenge of meeting the technological needs of companies in their own community. Since 1998, we have offered businesses in and around Vaughan industry-leading tech support with enterprise-level services that protect and empower businesses as they grow. Our proactive philosophy regarding computer tech support means that you can channel your efforts into your business, knowing that your security and technology is in reliable hands. It’s our goal to help businesses like yours grow and thrive in today’s market.

Innovating Local Businesses Through Tech

As technology advances, businesses have to match its incredible pace. Tektonic is always prepared to help protect, advise and advance your business. Using our industry knowledge, we implement appropriate hardware and software in order to secure your business’s data and information. You will save time and money with updated cybersecurity protection, Cloud-based access and business continuity. When making informed decisions for your future, Tektonic presents a business-oriented technological perspective, so your IT strategy complements your business plan. Each company requires unique IT solutions, and a partnership with Tektonic addresses your specific concerns and tailors our work to your needs.

Local IT That Champions Your Business

If you’re looking for a community-vouched IT service company to partner with your local business, reach out to the experts at Tektonic. Our services cover a variety of IT needs for the Greater Toronto area, from providing outsourced IT for your business to covering business continuity and cybersecurity. We strive to help Toronto businesses of all sizes thrive by freeing up your staff to focus on their jobs, while we handle your tech support, hassle-free. To discover innovative solutions that work best for your company’s unique needs, talk to the IT professionals at Tektonic or call (416) 256-9928.

Senior Network Engineer

Senior Network Engineer In Toronto

Job Description

Tektonic Inc. is an MSP (Managed Service Provider) of IT services which include Cloud Hosting, Technology Support, Network Security and Compliance, and Design and Solution Consulting. Tektonic Inc. is currently seeking an experienced Senior Network Engineer.

The Senior Network Engineer is responsible for designing, installing and supporting the organization’s local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), network segment or Internet segment. The Senior Network Engineer is also responsible for maintaining network hardware and software, analyzing problems and monitoring the network to ensure availability to system users. Finally, the Senior Network Engineer will plan, coordinate and implement network security measures, including firewalls. The ideal candidate must be able to work in a highly dynamic environment, either individually or as part of a team.

General Duties

  • Work closely with our team and clients efficient and optimal working of corporate networks and collaborative systems
  • Study, recommend and initiate solutions
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, identify, and remedy areas of congestion, degraded quality, degraded speed, or compromised security
  • Complete design, implementation, assessment, remediation, and deployment projects involving networking, security, backup/DR and other infrastructure solutions
  • Work on open tickets, participate in impact analysis and make recommendations to continuously improve processes
  • Be responsible for securing networks by establishing policies and standard methodologies
  • Take ownership of projects and tickets ensuring proper planning, execution and follow ups
  • Maintain expert level knowledge and certifications with industry leading vendors such as Microsoft and HPE
  • Provide effective guidance to Junior staff and help identify gaps for formal training
  • Provide Level 3 support to our Level 1 and 2 support teams


  • Minimum 8 years’ experience in delivering networking, security and disaster recovery solutions
  • Demonstrable ability to work in a team as well as independently
  • Excellent critical thinking capabilities to troubleshoot and resolve complex networking and security challenges
  • Degree in Computer Technology or similar degree or experience
  • Certifications from Microsoft (MCSA, MCSE, etc.) and/or other industry leading manufacturers are required
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize and manage time effectively
  • Experience working in multi-location or multi-client environments is a great asset
  • Ability to perform pre-scheduled work outside of business hours and provide on-call 7/24 support on a rotational basis
  • Ontario G class driver’s license
  • This position will require travel around Toronto’s GTA and surrounding areas, you must maintain reliable and dependable transportation, as well as car insurance, and be able to drive to client sites as necessary.


  • Dental care
  • Extended health care
  • Life insurance

Tektonic Inc. is located in Vaughan, ON. We love what we do and we’re working hard to be the best! If you think you’re a good fit for this opportunity, we’d love to talk with you soon!

Microsoft Teams: Top 15 Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Teams Toronto

Microsoft Teams: Top 15 Tips & Tricks

Microsoft Teams is an online communication and collaboration tool that is part of Microsoft Office 365. Accessible through various operating systems, including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows, Teams combines features that support video conferencing, audio calls, chats, group messaging, and file storage.

With so many organizations turning to Microsoft Teams to facilitate their collaboration and communication needs, having an easier and faster way to access and use tools and features on the app has become crucial.

Check out our latest video to learn the top tricks and tips for Microsoft Teams:

Top Tricks and Tips for Microsoft Teams

Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Teams on Windows and the web application using a PC keyboard supports keyboard shortcuts to make it easier for you to move to Teams’ main options.

To get access to a list of keyboard shortcuts supported by Teams, press Ctrl +Period(.). You can also access the list of shortcuts by keying in /keys on the search tab.

To learn more about Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts and how they vary between the web app and the Windows app, click here.

Navigation Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts help you navigate between teams, chat, calls, and search for information quickly. To navigate up and down the left navigation tab;

  • Pressing Ctrl + 1 takes you to the activity feed
  • Pressing Ctrl + 2 takes you to chats
  • Pressing Ctrl + 3 takes you to Teams
  • To get access to your Teams calendar, press Ctrl + 4
  • To get access to calls, press Ctrl + 5
  • To get access to your files, press Ctrl + 6

These shortcuts will vary depending on the order of the tabs.

Changing Your Status

Teams allows you to share your status with your colleagues to let them know when you are away, busy, or available. Since Teams is synced with your Outlook calendar, it will automatically set your status for you. You can also change or update your status from the command box. You can change your status to available, busy, be right back, do not disturb, away, or offline.

In addition to changing your status, you can also set a status message and set for how long it will display.

The Command Box

The command box in Teams that appears at the top of the screen helps you launch applications, search, and take quick actions.

  • To search using the command box, type in what you are looking for on the search bar, select one of the suggestions presented, and press enter.
  • To perform tasks using the command box, type in a / to see the list of commands, select the command you want, and press enter.


To get a colleague’s attention in a team conversation, a channel conversation, or a chat, @mention them. Type @ before their name and then select the person’s name from the menu that appears. To get the attention of a whole team or a specific channel, type @team or @channel.

Managing a Team

As the team owner, you can change your team name and picture, add new team members, remove members, make members team owners, and manage team settings.

Searching in Teams

You can search for persons, Teams, and channels from the command box or within chats. In addition to this, Teams has a filter option that can be accessed by going to the funnel or using the Ctrl + Shift + F shortcut.

Editing a Message

Teams allows you to edit the messages you’ve sent to a channel or chat. To edit your message, click on the message and select More options> Edit. Make changes to your message, then press Enter to save the update.

Creating Private Channels

If you’re looking to have more secluded conversations, create a private channel. To create a private channel, create a new channel, and set the privacy level to private.

Turning a File into a Tab

To change a file into a Microsoft Teams tab, open the location of the file, on the file name, click on the ellipsis (visible three horizontal dots) and from the list of options presented, select the  ‘make this a tab’ option.

Adding a Poll

Using Microsoft Forms in Teams allows you to create instant and real-time polls in seconds. You can share these polls in your Channels and Teams and quickly gather feedback. To create a poll in Teams:

  • Open the chat or channel in which you want to include a poll. At the bottom of your Teams window, select Forms.
  • Add your questions and answer options.
  • Select Save and send the poll.

Switching to the Dark Mode

To switch to dark mode, go to your profile and select Settings. In the theme section, select the Dark theme.

Saving Messages

To save a message, look for the message, click on the ellipsis, and select save this message.

Pinning Important Conversations

Pinning a chat or conversation is a great way to keep track of it. To pin a chat or conversation, highlight the chat, then select More options and select Pin.

Formatting and Making Conversations Fun

Teams offers you a lot of formatting options. These options include; highlighting, italicizing, underlining, and making text bold. These options are present in the compose box.

Ready To Leverage Reliable Microsoft Solutions In Toronto?

Do you have any questions regarding Teams?

At Tektonic Managed Services, we offer years of experience and expertise in providing IT solutions to businesses throughout Toronto.

Consult with us today, or call us on (416) 256-9928 and let us help you integrate and customize Microsoft Teams solutions to fit your business’s needs.

Microsoft Office 365 Benefits for Toronto Businesses

Microsoft 365 Benefits Toronto

Microsoft Office 365 Benefits for Toronto Businesses

Launched in July 2017, Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based subscription version of Microsoft Office. It integrates the core applications of the traditional version of Office 365, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and depending on the business plan purchased, may also include other applications such as OneDrive, Publisher, Exchange, Planner, SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, and Skype.

As a business considering using Microsoft Office 365 in your day to day business operations, what benefits would Office 365 offer your business?

Check out our latest video to learn more about the benefits of using Office 365:

What Are The Top Microsoft 365 Benefits For Businesses in Toronto?

You Can Work Anywhere, At Any Time, and On Any Device

A significant benefit of using Office 365 is the ability to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device as long as you have a stable internet connection. Because it is completely cloud-based, Office applications (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.), files, and emails can be accessed from any device. You can also create, edit, and share files from your Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices with anyone in real-time.

Microsoft 365 is particularly beneficial for organizations with remote employees, employees who travel frequently, and several office locations.

You Can Easily Collaborate and Communicate with Colleagues

If your company encourages teamwork, you’ll appreciate the collaboration features Microsoft 365 offers. Everyone who wants or needs to edit a document gets to work on the same version of the document and make real-time changes. Teams also provides you a platform to chat, have phone conversations and video chats with colleagues.

You Get Advanced Security Features

Microsoft 365 has built-in security features that help keep your organization’s data safe. They include:

  • Encrypted Emails: This feature allows you to send encrypted emails, stopping everyone else other than the intended recipient from reading your emails’ content. This feature works regardless of the email service the recipient uses.
  • Mobile Devices Management:  this feature allows you to control office on your employees’ mobile devices to protect company data. If an employee’s device gets stolen, it can be permanently wiped to prevent malicious actors from gaining access to company data.
  • Data Loss Prevention: This is a set of procedures that monitors and prevents sensitive data from leaving your business through email.
  • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA): This feature uses analytics and machine learning to expose and alert your organization to suspicious behavior on your systems and networks. The security features you get will depend on the business plan you purchase.

You are Always Updated

Since Microsoft 365 is cloud-based, you will be up to date with the latest versions of Microsoft features and applications at no extra cost.

You Can Choose a Plan That Is Convenient for You

Microsoft 365 offers various business plans, each with varying applications and features. You can easily switch between or mix and match these plans if your organization needs more or fewer features and applications.

You Eliminate and Reduce Hardware and Energy

Since Microsoft 365 runs on the cloud, you don’t need physical file storage equipment and servers for your networks. Removing or not having servers will not only help to reduce energy costs but also eliminates the need for office spaces.

You Can Easily Budget for Your IT

Because Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service, once you decide on a plan, you only pay that amount either annually, monthly, or per user, eliminating surprise costs.

You Can Easily Scale Your Business

Microsoft 365 gives you the flexibility to scale your business as it grows. You can easily add or remove users and create customized plans for your users or departments.

Microsoft 365 offers benefits to businesses, whether you are looking to boost your collaboration capabilities, ensure data security, or improve business productivity.

Looking to Leverage Reliable Microsoft 365 Solutions and Grow Your Toronto Business?

At Tektonic Managed Services, we offer years of experience and expertise in providing IT solutions to businesses throughout Toronto.

Consult with us today, or call us on (416) 256-9928 and let us help you integrate and customize Microsoft 365 solutions to fit the needs of your business.