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How Good is A Hosted VOIP System for Golf and Country Clubs?

How Good is A Hosted VOIP System for Golf and Country Clubs_

Hosted VOIP System for Golf and Country Clubs

Are VOIP systems worth a try, or is it not as great as what people expect it to be? Let’s talk about VOIP technology and how it can help golf and country clubs provide a better service to its customers.

Did you know that human beings as a species are hard-wired to take-part and listen to conversations on a primal level? That’s why it’s always better to “talk things out” instead of a text or email. The thing is, if you want to get things done, you have to pick up the phone and call somebody.

That’s why experts agree that if you want to recruit or retain new members in a golf and country club, you have got to give them a call. This is the same for your members. If they want to reach you for a reservation or a query, they will give you a call instead of just sending you an email.

Sadly, traditional phone technology is slowly disappearing. While some still use it, almost everything goes through the Internet nowadays. If your clientele is already online, then you should be, too, right?

If your business is still stuck in the ’90s and the telephone copper line, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a VOIP phone system. Don’t worry if it sounds scary. We’ll walk you through understanding what VOIP is, why you should use it, and how you can hook your club into a brand new system in no time.

But first, let’s simplify things, so we know what we are getting.

How Good is A Hosted VOIP System for Golf and Country Clubs_

What is VOIP?

A VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol allows users to make a phone call over the internet. Your analog voice signals are transformed into a digital format to be transmitted through a VOIP network or anywhere that has an Internet connection.

While there is technically nothing wrong with traditional phones, modern society has shown its weaknesses. One is the fact that it is not cost-effective in the long run considering its limitations.

Because VOIP allows your voice to travel through the Internet, there are no real boundaries. As long as both parties have the Internet, you can reach each other. This means you can make a long-distance call without spending a fortune, or you won’t have to worry if the other person is from a different network.

A VOIP also has a PBX or what we call the Private Branch Exchange. Simply put, a PBX works as some sort of switch that allows the system to “channel” calls to proper departments. In the past, one phone = one line. If you had multiple departments, you would have to subscribe to an equal number of lines. With VOIP and a PBX, you can have one line, and you can assign different people or departments their extensions so you can distribute calls to the proper department.

What is Hosted VOIP?

One of the main concerns with a VOIP system is that you are either forced to hire an in-house team to manage and repair the system if needed because you have the tools and implements on-site. Those who don’t have a dedicated team had to rely on the installer or a 3rd-party provider to maintain the system for them.

This concern is eliminated with a Hosted VOIP system. With a Hosted VOIP system, all the hardware and PBX (the phone switch) are hosted on a different location from where the phones are being used. This means you won’t have to allocate a particular room or team to manage the PBX and other hardware. All you need in your office are the phones and the necessary hardware for any type of integration.

What Are the Benefits of Having Hosted VOIP in a Golf and Country Club?

If you think that a VOIP phone system works just like a traditional analog phone system, then you will be sorely disappointed.

With its features and integration, a VOIP phone system is more than just something you use to call your customers. Let’s list the many features if you go VOIP.

  1. Cheap setup costs – Compared to on-premise VOIP systems, hosted VOIP is much less expensive to set up because you don’t have to buy and own the tools and implements on-site. A lot of hosted VOIP systems have no set-up fees. You only pay when you use it.
  2. Low-cost calls – Often, people dismiss VOIP because they automatically assume that it costs a fortune to set-up and use. Contrary to this belief, a VOIP system can offer a lower cost-per-call compared to traditional phone lines. The secret lies in converting analog audio signals into data packets that travel Internet lines. Most, if not all, golf and country clubs have existing Internet connections that can be used by the VOIP network to connect to the outside world. Even international calls are now much cheaper thanks to VOIP technology.
  3. Easy Organization – With a PBX system and a robust VOIP system, you can easily route calls to the correct department/people without the need for the front desk people to answer the phone first. Most VOIPs also have an auto-attendant facility that will provide your callers the correct extensions to press to reach a specific department.
  4. Encrypted calls and messages – When working with high profile individuals, one of their top priorities is data privacy. After all, they are prime targets for people who use their data and information against them. By offering a VOIP system, you can provide a safe and secure haven for your customers where they won’t have to worry about other people listening in to their calls.
  5. Versatility – Nowadays, most VOIP systems can be integrated with different gadgets, tools, and software. For example, you can employ a voicemail to email feature that allows you to check voicemail anywhere you are. You can even integrate your VOIP phone lines to a booking software so customers can book their schedules. All you have to do is to confirm the schedule when you have the time. A VOIP system connected to a computer can easily create a report of how many calls you got or made, who called, and what time they were contacting – which is a goldmine for your marketing team.
  6. Mobility – Now that your calls are being routed through the Internet, you can make and receive calls anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. Great if you have team members who are always on the road but need to pick up the phone still.
  7. Scalability – The beauty of a hosted VOIP system is its near-unlimited scalability. You might be taking five calls a day now, but you may be taking ten times that amount in a year. With a hosted VOIP system, you won’t have to add a new line or expensive hardware. What works for five calls a day can work for 50 calls. Plus, you only pay for what you are using, so you are sure you aren’t being overcharged.

Tektonic is a leading name in outsourced IT and Hosted VOIP solutions in Toronto and nearby locations. We specialize in providing business class telephone services and systems for businesses. We offer simple, cost-effective, flexible, and mobile telephone solutions. Contact us today, and let’s talk about how we can help upgrade your business!

What do you think? Does Hosted VOIP sound like something your golf and country club can use?

Does Your Golf and Country Club Need Surveillance Cameras?

Does Your Golf and Country Club Need Surveillance Cameras_

Golf and Country Club Surveillance Cameras

There are a lot of factors that affect why a person would choose to join a golf and country club. It could be because of the amenities, the services they provide, the quality of their course, the people who are in the club, and its reputation.

But all of these can easily be undermined when people hear news of stuff getting lost, people trespassing, and vandals doing their thing inside club property. Your club may be the best in the state but if you can’t prevent or solve crimes within your property then people are less likely to sign up.

Does Your Golf and Country Club Need Surveillance Cameras_

What are the Common Security Issues in A Golf and Country Club?

In a survey conducted by a 2017 Pulse survey with over 370 respondents, researchers found out that while 99% of the respondents believe their club is a safe and secure place for their members, sixty percent have stated that they have had a security incident within the last 5 years.

Around half of the responders believe that security is one of the selling points of their club while 80% of them think security should be a top concern for both customers and club owners.

The survey also gives us a good idea of the kinds of security issues the clubs have faced and how often it happens.

Incident Response from clubs with more than 1000 members Response from clubs with initiation fees of $50,000 or greater
Trespassers 58% 45%
Car Break-ins 42% 47%
Vandalism 33% 25%
Theft in the locker room 40% 27%
Theft in the clubhouse 36% 12%
Intoxication/Drug Use 36% 15%
Theft of maintenance equipment and supplies 18% 8%

The table above shows us that clubs experience a couple of security issues and some of the more common ones are present in both large and pricey clubs.

So what are these clubs doing about these security issues?

Of all the respondents, only 27% said they have some form of security department or staff in their club. This means 3 out of 4 clubs don’t really have any type of security in place save for the staff they already have in-house.

What is undeniable is the fact that security incidents within a club affect its members. When members feel like they and their equipment are not secure in a club, it affects the reputation of the club. When your club gains the reputation of being unsafe due to security concerns, it affects the sign-ups which is definitely bad for business.

So what can clubs do?

How Can Golf and Country Clubs Make Their Clubs Safer?

Depending on who you talk to, the answer can range anywhere from the better screening of members to hiring additional ground staff to monitor all areas within the club.

While all the solutions have their merits, clubs have a difficult job of balancing the financial aspect of additional security and the security of their members. Truth is, hiring a 3rd-party security provider is the best solution out there but this can become a financial burden in the long run and it is without its fault. There are also members who might not feel comfortable with having people they don’t recognize walking about in a place they consider their safe and comfortable place.

One good solution that is cost-effective, less intrusive, and can help staff and club members feel more secure are surveillance cameras.

But how effective are these cameras?

What are the benefits of putting Surveillance Cameras in Golf and Country Clubs?

Surveillance cameras have been in use by various industries as a means to keep their areas secure. In a nutshell, these cameras provide 24/7 surveillance of areas within the premises of a golf club. With a good surveillance system in place, you will have a clear recording of everything that is going on within your club. You will know who is in your club at what particular time. With a whole network in place, you can even pinpoint where exactly a person was during a specified time.

Security or surveillance cameras are also excellent deterrents against would-be criminals. In a 2012 study conducted by the University of North Carolina and Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, they found out that around 60% of 400 detained burglars claimed they would reconsider a potential target property if they see it has a CCTV system in place. More than 40% of the respondents also claimed that they would put a target with a CCTV system at the bottom of their priority list.

In the event that these criminals do decide to target your club, a well-placed camera can help you identify the culprits complete with a time stamp. This makes the investigation easier for the authorities and can even help close the case faster.

How Hard Is it To Install Surveillance Cameras in Golf and Country Clubs?

If you asked this question back in 2015 then the answer will be very difficult. Sure, the regular surveillance cameras can easily be installed inside the clubhouse or within the premises of the club.

The locker rooms, hallways, entrances, and even car parks are easy. But what about the other areas of the club? Places that are a bit far from the clubhouse? Five years ago the solution would mean breaking the budget to have the whole place wired up. That is also one of the reasons why clubs are adamant about surveillance cameras.

Nowadays, putting up surveillance cameras in areas far away from the clubhouse is as easy as setting up a pole and securing the camera in place. A lot of surveillance cameras available in the market nowadays are wireless and use solar panels with batteries. This means they can easily connect to a central hub to deliver their footage while never having to worry about power as long as the sun is shining. At night, these cameras can still deliver high quality feeds thanks to their built-in battery packs.

Are Newer Surveillance Cameras for Golf and Country Clubs Cheaper?

With fewer wires to lay down, wireless surveillance camera systems are cheaper to install especially for large properties like golf and country clubs. As long as you pick the right type of surveillance camera for the job (outdoor cameras are sturdy and can withstand heat, cold, wind, and shock while indoor cameras are made to be smaller and sleeker so as not to disrupt the aesthetics and ambiance of the location) you should not worry too much about them as they will operate effectively with little to no intervention needed.

How Do I Find A Good Installer?

While the overall price for having a whole club covered can still be quite expensive, the secret to saving is finding a good provider. Here are some qualities you should look for in a provider.

  • The provider should be able to give an assessment of your needs and provide you with a plan or design to implement. The provider should also be able to provide you with options in the event that the plan or design is not agreeable to the client.
  • The provider should be able to give you a complete quote of the project with a realistic timeline.
  • Aside from the products and installation fee, the provider should be able to give you options for future support and maintenance. It can come in the form of a bundled up service or a yearly retainer.
  • The provider should be able to answer all your questions regarding the product, the installation, and its usage. The answers should also be satisfactory on your end.
  • The provider should have all the necessary accreditation and permits.
  • They should be confident enough to provide you with a list of their previous clients so you can gather feedback.
  • A good provider should also work with reputable 3rd-party providers to provide a holistic service to its customers.

While a surveillance camera can provide your business with much needed security against trespassers, thieves, and vandals it won’t protect you from their modern-day counterparts – cyber criminals. That’s why Tektonic Managed Services offers managed IT solutions for golf and country clubs. With a dependable team on deck, you can rest easy knowing your and your customer’s data are safe. If you are from the Greater Toronto area or nearby, give Tektonic a call and find out how we can help you keep your data secure.

Don’t Put Your Business Operations in Peril: Add Managed Backup and Recovery Services

Don’t Put Your Business Operations in Peril

Don’t Put Your Business Operations in Peril: Add Managed Backup and Recovery Services

Business owners around the world are struggling to stay afloat under the crushing burdens associated with the current economy. Customers are continually looking for the best deal, making customer experience a vital component of your business strategy.

Are you risking all the goodwill you’ve built with your customers — just because you don’t have a robust business continuity strategy in place?

Without backup and disaster recovery strategies in place, it only takes a moment to lose all of your business data.

Think about it.

  • Customer contact information — Gone, or compromised by hackers.
  • Access to your business applications — Gone.
  • Sales files and accounting information — Gone.
  • Ability to respond to customer requests — Gone.

In less than a day, you could conceivably lose control of your entire operation, simply because of a natural disaster or cybersecurity event.

Don’t Put Your Business Operations in Peril

Digital Disaster Recovery Can Save Your Business

If you have a “digital clone” of your business operations, you’re able to quickly and efficiently restore operations to previous levels. Instead of being unable to access customer files for weeks while information is being rebuilt from scattered backups, you could be back online in a matter of days — or even hours.

When you have a proactive backup and disaster recovery strategy in place, your IT managed services providers are able to leap into action and help you get back online efficiently. This helps reduce stress on internal team members, protects against negative experiences for your customers and protects the long-term value of your organization.

39% of Business Do Not Have a Disaster Recovery Strategy in Place

In the event of a cyberattack or other devastating event, are your digital assets fully protected? According to a recent Comparitech survey, only about two-thirds of businesses are fully prepared to bring their business back online after a disaster. With the astronomic rise of malware and ransomware, it is difficult to justify the lack of a business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.

Protect Your Organization with Business Continuity Services from Tektonic

Upfront planning with the backup and disaster recovery experts from Tektonic may make help your small to mid-size retail organization come back online quickly after an event. It only takes a few moments to contact us at 416-256-9928 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.

Toronto IT Consulting Company

Toronto IT Consulting

Who Is The Top Toronto IT Consulting Company For GTA Businesses?

Today’s businesses are more dependent on technology than ever before. But what happens when your computer system or business phone lines unexpectedly stop working? What’s your plan when you’ve outgrown your current setup and need something more robust? Who would you call?

At Tektonic, we offer a vast array of tech services designed to suit your needs. Here’s what you need to know about hiring a Toronto IT consulting company.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Toronto IT Consulting Company?

There are many benefits to hiring an outside consulting company for tech issues, but the biggest one most small and mid-sized businesses easily recognize the time and money savings. Think of it this way, instead of spending endless hours troubleshooting problems; your team can focus on increasing sales and getting the jobs you hired them to do completed.

Another benefit? Working with an outside company also ensures you’re continually getting the advice and knowledge of a professional—not just Barry in Marketing’s idea of how to fix a broken laptop based on a video he saw on social media. This reduces downtime and corrects the problem as soon as possible.

Finally, most business owners love the peace of mind in knowing Tektonic is always here to help. Our friendly and knowledgeable team knows that you need technology to run your company and we are still here when you need us. We’re just a phone call away.

“Tektonic has provided timely, reliable, effective and always courteous computer, network and back up support to our law firm since 2006. Our goals of protecting sensitive client information, uninterrupted productivity and ease of use of our system has been possible due to Tektonic’s proactive monitoring and management of our system.”

Lorraine Bortolussi B.A.,
LL.B., LL.M. (ADR), AccFM (OAFM)

How Do I Find the Best Toronto IT Consulting Firm to Help My Organization?

Finding the best Toronto IT consulting firm to help your small or mid-sized business doesn’t have to be difficult. However, there are a few questions you should always ask before signing a contract with a service provider.

For example, inquire about things like:

  • What is their experience in the industry?
  • What are the various types of services that they offer?
  • Do they offer emergency service when you need it most?

You should also ask to see testimonials from past clients. Most genuine and reputable firms are more than happy to share this kind of information. Asking for this type of information enables you to learn more about the sort of service a company provides and understand how well they can solve your most significant IT problems.

At Tektonic, we pride ourselves on providing superior customer service to our business clients. Transparency is essential to us, and we will happily answer any questions or concerns regarding that you might have along the way.

Toronto IT Consulting Company

What Can Tektonic Do to Improve My Business?

Whether you are setting up a new location or need a complete overhaul of your existing tech, our team offers a wide variety of IT services to meet your needs, including:

  • IT Consulting
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Business Telephone Installation and Maintenance
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Backup
  • and More

Our list of services designed to improve your small or mid-sized business is so lengthy that we can’t even cover it all here. Simply put, we have the knowledge and resources to ensure we meet your company’s technology needs, even as you continue to grow.

How Can a Toronto IT Consulting Company Provide Support for My Business Technology Issues?

Are you experiencing issues with your computers, internet, or business telephone? Do you need help with hardware, networking, cloud computing, or something else? Hiring a Toronto IT consulting company might be the easiest way to ensure the minimization of your tech woes without having to sacrifice a ton of time or money.

Furthermore, thinking ahead is also smart when it comes to your company’s tech. It is always a good idea to find a consultant that you trust before problems happening. This allows you to have a friendly face to call when a disaster does occur, versus having to look for a new company that you might not have had a previous interaction with.

Tektonic values all of our customers and we look forward to learning more about your needs. All you have to do is get in touch with our team and let us know what issues you’re experiencing, and we’ll be happy to help.

What Other Things Can a Tektonic Help My Company Do Besides Handle Computer Hardware Issues?

Our dedicated and knowledgeable Tektonic team can assist with a wide range of internet, business telephone, and cloud computing issues. This includes tasks such as email marketing management, wireless support, e-commerce website design functions, and more.

Simply put, if it involves your business and technology, we are ready to answer your questions. We can even offer a variety of consulting services designed to give you a second opinion when you need a little bit more of a sophisticated approach. And, if we can’t help, we’ll happily put you in touch with someone who can.

Are you ready to see how Tektonic can help your company and what makes us one of the best IT consulting companies in Toronto? Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment.

Searching For The Best IT Consulting Firm For Your Toronto Law Firm?

Searching For The Best IT Consulting Firm For Your Toronto Law Firm?

Tektonic Helps Bortolussi Family Law With All Their IT Needs.


Ransomware Victims In Toronto
Call Tektonic For Assistance Now

Ransomware Toronto

Can You Afford To Be A Ransomware Victim?

You can’t ignore ransomware – every year it is becoming more and more common. Do you know how to defend yourself?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably worried about ransomware. It’s an undeniably a major threat to you and your work.

Do you know how dangerous the threat of ransomware really is? If you don’t yet, that’s OK – we’ve put together this video and blog to explain how ransomware works, how dangerous it is, and how to protect against it.

Click PLAY below to watch our latest video about ransomware:

Do You Know What Ransomware Could Cost You?

According to Coveware’s Q4 Ransomware Marketplace report:

  • The average ransomware payout is $84,116
  • The highest ransom paid by a target organization was $780,000
  • The average ransomware attack results in 16.2 days of downtime

How could it possibly be so damaging and expensive?

Just think for a second what it would be like if you couldn’t access your data. Technology is such a crucial part of business today, that without it you are unable to do much of anything.

How Tektonic Protects You From Ransomware

The best way to defend against ransomware is to ask for help – Tektonic will help implement robust security measures and practices, including:


  • Business Continuity: The best way to keep your data safe is to simply have it backed up, to a separate location, on a regular basis. By storing a complete and up to date copy of your data that is separate from your local systems, it doesn’t matter if your onsite data gets encrypted by ransomware. You can simply wipe it all and recover your data from the backup.
  • Antivirus & Firewall: Your antivirus and firewall are your first line of defense for keeping your information safe. A firewall is a particular type of solution that maintains the security of your network. It blocks unauthorized users or suspicious connections from gaining access to your data. Firewalls are deployed via hardware, software, or a combination of the two. At the same time, antivirus software can help to prevent, detect, and remove malware.
  • Employee Education: We will train your staff to ask themselves these key questions before opening an email…


    1. Do I know the sender of this email?
    2. Does it make sense that it was sent to me?
    3. Can I verify that the attached link or PDF is safe?
    4. Does the email threaten to close my accounts or cancel my cards if I don’t provide information?
    5. Is this email really from someone I trust or does it just look like someone I trust? What can I do to verify?
    6. Does anything seem “off” about this email, its contents or sender?

We will put our big business cybersecurity expertise to work for you, implementing best practices, identifying vulnerabilities, and protecting you against the more common and dangerous cybercrime scams.