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Who Does An Advertising Agency Trust With Their 30 Mac Workstations?

You own a small and very busy full-service advertising agency with roughly 35–40 employees. Your annual IT service contract is about to expire in a couple of months, and you’re pressed for time. Now you must shop around for a new IT service company. But, you do have one critical and unique requirement the IT service provider has to meet.

In a PC Dominated World Whose Got Mac’s Back?

About 75% of your staff uses Mac Workstations. The new firms you are interviewing must have a Mac-savvy technician on staff, preferably someone Apple certified. In the past, you’ve run into issues not finding any IT companies with proper Mac certified personnel.

It’s every Mac Workstation owner’s fear. They have the best equipment. The best functionality. Never having to worry about downtimes, when their software is updating. They will never be caught working on a PC ever again. But with that Mac passion and lifelong dedication, there is a darker side. One fraught with turmoil and empty promises.

It comes from Vendor betrayal. “They said they knew how to fix my computer IT problem until they saw I owned a Mac Workstation. Then it was one excuse after another.”

As a Mac Workstation owner, Apple has set in place stringent guidelines for their authorized service providers, to adequately support the Apple brand and the Apple family community.

To fulfill your passion, never to use another PC ever again, below you are provided with the necessary information you must know first when searching for an IT service provider that genuinely services Mac Workstations or any Apple/Mac product.

The Four Mac Workstation Questions To Ask Before You Sign Another IT Contract.

When you look for an Apple/Mac certified IT business; there are several requirements a company must comply with first, to meet the highest standards as an Authorized Apple/Mac Service Provider. Below we have provided the questions for you to ask any IT provider; when looking for this specific service and the answers, you should expect from the IT company you are interviewing.

  1. Are You An Authorized Apple/Mac Service Provider?

The two types of Service Providers Apple authorizes are, an Authorized Service Provider or Limited Service Provider. Should the provider confirm they are a service provider; ask them which type. Then move to the next question for specific clarification.

  1. What Is The Difference Between an Authorized Service Provider or Limited Service Provider?

Authorized Service Providers – These are companies which are Authorized by Apple to render repair services to all customers of Apple.

Limited Service Providers – These are companies or organizations operating under limited service agreements. They are only allowed to serve specific customers or specific Apple products. All of the details specifically defined are in the Limited Service Provider agreement documentation.

  1. What Are the Four Requirements To Meet Service Provider Status?
  • Premises
  • Business requirements
  • Technician Certification
  • Operational requirements

Premises – The organization must:

  • maintain a commercial walk-in service location
  • have dedicated service personnel in an easily accessible place
  • include a clean and presentable reception area for customers who require a walk-in service
  • provide a secure workshop area for repairs, storage of parts and incoming units for service
  • not use their residential address which is not permissible as an approved Apple/Mac service location

Business requirements – The organization must:

  • have been in operation for a specified period per Apple guidelines
  • provide audited financial records available for review by Apple
  • carry a credit line in agreeance with the Apple Finance team for the appropriate region
  • proactively promote the Apple brand in their business
  • actively recommend AppleCare service and support products

Technician Certification – Service Providers are required to use:

  • Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians when conducting diagnostics, covered repairs, modifications, alterations and upgrades on Apple products.
  • For every thirty Apple repairs conducted each week, a service provider should employ at least one, if not more Apple/Mac Certified Technicians.
  • Becoming certified to repair Apple Macintosh systems requires passing both a software exam and hardware exam at an Authorized Prometric Testing Center.
  • Certifications renewed on an annual basis via recertification examinations.

Operational requirements – Service Providers are required to meet Apple’s standards at all times about:

  • service level
  • certification of technicians
  • availability of service to customers

*Apple typically audits and reviews Service Providers to ensure all high standards consistently are met.

  1. Which IT Services Should I Expect To Receive When Using My Mac Workstation?

For Mac Workstation, IT support, the managed service provider would have a minimum of nine or more services available to you, an Apple/Mac product owner. IT Services provided would include but are not limited to:

  • Helpdesk
  • Remote Control
  • Hardware monitoring
  • Access to Windows Shares
  • Mac OS automatic updates
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Antivirus/Antimalware Scans
  • Email connectivity to Exchange
  • Machine Audits— selected hardware and software attributes

Final Thoughts

Using an Authorized Apple/Mac IT Service provider for your 30 Mac Workstations is a critical and unique requirement indeed. But now you know what to look for in an Authorized Mac IT Support company, and the Apple required questions to ask that IT provider before you sign their contract.

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