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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON March 26,2013

Technology is synonymous with advancement. We advance at a cost, with every new technology we get; it often replaces an older one. Technology comes and goes, and it takes a bit of insight to decipher which technologies will last and which ones will soon be replaced. We have been working with technology for a long time and can help you make sense of it.

Some technologies are timeless, like forks and chairs. Technologies of the electrical variety tend to be a more temporary, yet they garner the most attention. Maybe this short lifespan is why electronics are marketed so heavily, because manufacturers want to get the most from the short time that they will be around. Think about it. How many commercials do you see touting upgrades made to forks and chairs?

From a cultural perspective, it’s a rather odd event whenever a wildly popular technology falls out of use. It is even odder whenever a young person cannot figure out how to use a technology from their grandparent’s generation because it is simply unrecognizable. Believe it or not, many young people today have never used a record player or a typewriter? And how many of us today probably can’t figure out how to use a phonograph, much less know what it is?

Star Trek has always had an interesting perspective when it comes to technology. The show is set in the future, yet it has been around in one form or another since the 1966. Star Trek has accurately and eerily predicted some of our favorite modern technologies, like flip phones, tablet computers, and more.

Knowing this, it makes it fun to watch the episodes where characters from the future time travel to present day Earth and are forced to interact with our much-hyped technology. Here is a clip that is a good example of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hShY6xZWVGE

For all the attention that Macintosh computers received in 1986, those old models are useless to us now. Fast forward a couple hundred years and people may not even know what a Macintosh computer is, much less know how to use a keyboard and mouse. What’s this say about the latest smartphones that people are standing in line for and investing a lot of emotional energy into?

Herein lies the appeal of Science Fiction, it gives us a glimpse of future technologies that we will not likely see. At the same time, it is “quaint” to tour local museums and look at technologies that we have long forgotten about. Understanding the role that technology plays in culture will help us to keep a level-head when the newest device is being touted as “the biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the iPhone.” A good understanding of technology history will also help us choose technologies for ourselves that will not be obsolete within a few years.

We at Tektonic love technology, but we also have enough insight about it to help you make wise decisions when purchasing technology for yourself so that you don’t fall for a fad. We are dedicated to helping businesses with their technology; even it might not be the newest and the latest. Having perspective means that we can see past the promotional product hype and recommend a solution that we know won’t be obsolete when the “next big thing” comes around.

Great customer service: the final frontier. This is the advice of the IT company Tektonic. Our mission: to explore strange new networks, to seek out new technologies and new solutions, to boldly meet your IT needs like no company has before!

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