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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON August 18,2014

Just bought yourself a new laptop? Well, then whatever your reason may be for getting one, whether for official or personal use, we would highly recommend that you have at least these basic five software’s installed on it. Most of these software’s are easily available for you to download from the net. So if you’re laptop manufacturers have missed out on installing the any of these software’s, you can go online and download them yourself. However, if you are not able to download them online, you can contact your local managed IT services provider, who will install them for you in a jiffy.

1.VLC Media Player:

As the name suggests, VLC Media Player plays all types of media files whether it’s video or audio. You will definitely need a good media playing software whenever you need to view your business related videos or other files in the media format. This media player also gives you excellent quality of sound for any video that you view and brilliant viewing with maximum clarity.

2.Google Chrome:

The next software you will be able to get easily online in the Google Chrome web browser. With this software you can get results for any of your searches at lighting fast speed, as it is powered by Google itself. You can even view multiple windows at a time by using the tab feature of Google Chrome.


Your antivirus is your internet security software. If this software doesn’t come built into your laptop when you purchase it, then you must immediately get one from your managed IT services provider. This tool is an important aspect of your laptop as it protects your hard disk form all kinds of online threats, which will try to gain access to it. It will also perform a full system scan of all your files and folders to ensure that it is safe from viruses. And if any virus sneaks onto your system, your antivirus will immediately detect it and remove it from your system, thereby avoiding a full hard disk crash or other catastrophe.


A Dropbox is a cloud software, which can keep a backup of your files separately from your hard disk, such that you will always have a duplicate copy of your files in case of a hard disk failure. This Dropbox software will also enable you to share files amongst other computers who are using the same network. Therefore, if you have a business and your employees PC’s are connected to the same server, you can share files with each other. There are also many other cloud IT solutions which you can use in case you need data backup and recovery tools.


Skype is the perfect tool for video calling or video conferencing. Especially if you have a small or mid-size business, and dealing with international clients, you will be able to interact with them easily using this software. The video calling option is free and you can avail the

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