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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON January 11,2013

A help desk that offers 24/7 remote support is a service that is easy to take for granted, primarily because most of the calls received are related to computer issues, and when PCs are properly maintained, issues are minimized. When computer problems do crop up, the help desk will be there for you and prove its value in your hour of greatest need.Here are four of the most valuable features of Tektonic’s 24/7 remote help desk.

24/7, More than a Number
Our technicians are literally standing by around the clock, prepared to take your call. If it is the weekend and you are burning the midnight oil on a project, and your PC goes kaput, then you do not have to panic because you know that you have a team ready, willing, and capable to resolve your issue right then and there. We get these late night calls regularly and find it quite gratifying to play the role of hero by talking people through their late night IT crises.

Remote Support
There is a huge difference between a hotline that gives advice and a remote support service. When calling a help hotline you will have someone walk you through what to do, which can prove difficult if you are already frustrated due to a malfunctioning computer. With remote support, we have the ability to control your PC from our end, run diagnostics, and troubleshoot problems with best practices. This will leave you with the luxury of sitting back and relaxing while we do the heavy lifting.

Skilled Technicians
We have experienced level I & II technicians that are battle-tested and have likely dealt with your issue before. You might be at the end of your wits trying to fix your PC, but if you call one of our techs for help, then they will remotely take care of your issue from their end with a few clicks and restore both your PC and your sanity. In fact, our technicians are so good that 90% of non-break fix issues are resolved by the end of the call.

Friendly Technicians
It is also important to point out that our help desk technicians are based in America. We are intentional about this because we understand the value of communication. We understand that problems are resolved quicker and customer experience is improved if needs can be communicated on the first attempt. We also understand the value of talking with a real person. In fact, 90% of calls are answered by a flesh and blood human being within 180 seconds, this makes for a much more pleasant experience than having to navigate an endless maze of automated menus.

Making ourselves available 24/7 to take care of technology issues is just one example of how Tektonic goes out of our way to provide you with outstanding customer service. To find out more about 24/7 remote help desk support service, call us at (416) 256-9928. We will take the time to learn about the unique needs of your business and set you up with a single, low-cost flat-rate per-user plan that won’t change no matter how much you call for help.

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