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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON July 9,2014

The IT department functions as the life line of a business. And if the organization is a big one like global corporation, then the IT structure will be even more elaborate. Even small and mid-sized businesses rely a great deal on their IT department for the smooth functioning of their daily business activities. So if the IT network goes offline or shuts down for even a single day, the losses that the business will have to face will be huge. Thus, it is important for the business owner to have a team of competent IT executives to handle all the IT related tasks on a daily basis.

However, for small and mid-sized businesses, hiring a separate team of IT personnel will be a costly affair. So in order to cut down their expenditure, they can use the services of a well-established managed IT services provider will provide them with an entire gamut of IT services at a fixed monthly rate. Some of the services which they provide are given below:

1.Installation of Software:

Installation of software, which is required to carry out daily business-related tasks, is one of the basic activities that are usually done by an IT team. There are a lot of software’s that need to be installed on the PC’s of employees so that they can do their job. Plus, some of those software’s will require regular or weekly updates. Therefore, through the use of an IT servicing agency, both of these tasks of installation and updating of software’s can be done.

2.Server repair and maintenance:

The next major task performed by IT personnel is the upkeep and maintenance of the business servers. If any work is to be done by the firm, a secure and active internet server is needed to connect to clients and other potential customers of the business. Additionally, the employees of the firm also use the business servers and networks for research work. So it is important for the business to employ competent IT personnel for the server repair and maintenance.

3.Installation of Anti-viruses and firewalls

Anti-viruses are programs that prevent the entry of lethal viruses like worms or Trojans from entering the business server and corrupting the entire computer network which the business uses every day. It is the duty of the managed IT services provider to install the latest anti-virus software to avoid corruption of deletion of important business data.

4.Provide Comprehensive IT Support Services 24/7:

Another important task of the IT service team to immediately rectify any IT related issue of the business that arises, such that the delivery of services to customers to not delayed. And the best IT agents will be ready to provide their services to business customers as and when they need it, even during odd hours.

These were just four main reasons why your business needs to be backed up by an efficient IT service provider. And most of them will also be able to handle all the maintenance and repair work of your computer systems of other hardware like printers and faxes machine that are being used by the business. As both the hardware and software maintenance activities are all part of their managed IT services, you will not need to hire an IT team to fix the different kinds of IT problems which your business faces.

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