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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON March 31,2013

Has your company joined the BYOD revolution (Bring Your Own Device)? Many companies did not plan for this, it just kind of happened as a byproduct from almost half of the public owning mobile devices. If your company has yet to make room for personal devices, then you will want to check out these 4 benefits of BYOD.

BYOD is Cost Effective
From the perspective of an office manager, BYOD almost seems too good to be true; people are bringing in their own equipment to accomplish work for the company. If your computing needs are light enough be accomplished by mobile devices, then you might be able to put off buying new workstations and other standard office technology in favor of BYOD.

In an ideal world, business owners would help cover the cost of BYOD for their employees (devices can cost a few hundred dollars and data plans can be a pricy monthly expense), but this is not required. A recent report from Good Technology State discovered that, “50 percent of companies with BYOD models are requiring employees to cover all costs — and they are happy to do so.” Part of the reason that workers are willing to shell out their own dough is related to the second BYOD benefit.
BYOD Makes for a Happier Work Environment
It’s no secret how attached mobile device users are to their gadgets. You might even have a friend that would have a panic attack if they went a day without their device. For some people, BYOD is a non-negotiable, they need it for life, and they need it for work, and they will bring it to work no matter what your policy is. In fact, security company Fortinet discovered in a 2012 survey, that 30% of workers would sneak in their own device to use for work purposes even if there was BYOD policy against it. In light of how attached people are to their devices, it might be a good idea to let them use their own device at work; if not, they will just bring it in anyways.

BYOD Will Help Your Business Connect with the Young People
While technology bridges the generation gap, and plenty of the grey-haired people are surfin’ the web, young adults have always been the most attracted to the latest technology. Young people and the young at heart will appreciate a company that shows technological prowess. This will translate into fresh ideas being brought into your business giving your company the competitive edge.

BYOD Provides Your Business with the Latest Solutions
An additional benefit to BYOD is having your business take advantage of the latest software solutions. This is because the typical mobile device user really digs the latest tech and therefore stays on top of updates. With the latest versions of technology comes the latest solutions, and with BYOD, employees are utilizing these new solutions at your office and paying for it themselves! Because workers are bringing in the latest solutions, potentially, this could save you the expense of having to upgrade your company’s software.

After reviewing these 4 benefits to BYOD, you may be ready to send out a memo and give it the green light. Before you do, go ahead and give Tektonic a call at (416) 256-9928. There are a few security precautions that you will first want to take in order to prepare your network for the flood of foreign devices. We would be happy to share with you how to ready your network for BYOD and even do it for you, call Tektonic and don’t miss out on the BYOD revolution!

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