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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON March 5,2014

There’s no denying that lawyers have a crucial role in western society. They are at the center of every trial, hearing, and financial exchange. Like any other business professional, lawyers tend to lean on technology to boost their effectiveness; both for their benefit and for their clients. They rely on mobile technology, hardware and software systems, and even cloud computing systems to better serve their clients. Can your practice benefit from the newest technology?

Mobile Technology
As professionals that deal in a substantial amount of information, more and more lawyers are becoming proponents of digital systems of the mobile variety. For all the reasons you love your smartphone, lawyers need them. Not only do these devices come with superior communication and messaging capabilities, they provide an avenue for real-time file sharing. This is important to lawyers because the are constantly dealing with people and information, simultaneously, and need the most up-to-date data to properly do their job. Law firms of all sizes are now looking to the technology field for dynamic integration of mobile devices and digital communications solutions.

Hardware and Software Systems
The modern law office has many of the technology demands of other offices, for this reason many law offices are seeking affordable computing infrastructures that can work for their needs. The option of scaling this infrastructure up and back depending on the growth and stagnation of their office can present an organization many lucrative benefits including saving them time and money. Since lawyers and their staff send, create, and receive a large amount of information, having a computing environment that is tailored for their needs is crucial. Many law firms like yours are looking to virtualized computing environments to provide dedicated computing interfaces for their staff at a fraction of the cost of purchasing traditional hardware. By consolidating your IT infrastructure your law firm can get the computing resources your organization needs, while also limit hardware costs.

Hosted Solutions
Another trend that business professionals are starting to take advantage of is moving their computing to the cloud. These solutions are designed to be scalable. This flexibility provides a business, such as your small or mid-sized law firm, the ability to pay for only the computing infrastructure they need. Many law professionals still are unsettled about relinquishing control of their technology, considering the sensitive nature of the information they deal with, but in a poll of 438 legal services professionals it was found that nearly half supported a move to the cloud. Considering the financial investment that building a computing infrastructure entails, it’s no surprise that small and mid-sized practices were overwhelmingly optimistic about cloud solutions.

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