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  • WRITTEN BY Jorge Rojas POSTED ON December 20,2013

At this point, mobile technology use is more than just another trend; it’s ingrained into almost every facet of our culture. In fact, the majority of adults in the United States not only carry cell phones, but 56% of all American adults carry smartphones. If you haven’t tapped into the potential of mobile marketing, your company is missing out!

Realistically, focusing your marketing efforts on mobile device (including smartphones and tablets) users should be a top priority for your company. A recent study conducted by AOL and the University of Virginia looked at 500 billion online ad impressions along with 100 million conversion events from the telecom, retail, auto, and travel industries to provide some crazy statistics that prove why mobile marketing matters.

Mobile Conversion Rates Grew 3% in the Past Year
Between the four industries observed in the study, the overall customer conversion rate grew from 28% to 31% in the past year. The telecom industry had the highest conversion rate of 37%, and the travel industry had the lowest rate of 20%. These statistics carry two strong implications:

  • Mobile marketing is responsible for ? of all U.S. business conversions.
  • Technology-based businesses will see greater ROI from mobile marketing efforts than most other industries.

75% of all Mobile Ad Impressions Happened at Home
Surprisingly, 25% of a mobile device user’s Internet usage at home is spent on their device. Before this discovery, it was easy to assume that mobile device users use their machines outside of their homes and switch to stationary computers to use the Internet at home. However, more people are using smartphones and tablets at home than ever before, and the trend is certainly not slowing down.

85% of Mobile Conversions Happened on iOS Devices
Whatever the reason, iPhone, iPad, and iPod users spend more money with their devices than any other mobile users. With this in mind, you’ll want to prioritize your mobile marketing content for iOS. While other mobile operating systems are gaining ground on iOS, the numbers don’t lie; 65% of all mobile conversions took place with iPads.

One thing is for certain, companies almost can’t afford to neglect marketing to mobile users. By exposing yourself to the mobile user market, you open yourself to a very large customer base (did we mention that 56% of all American adults own smartphones?). Mobile devices also offer amazing opportunities to advance your company’s work operations and communications. For ideas on how the latest mobile solutions can enhance your business, give Tektonic a call at (416) 256-9928.

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